We are what we eat!

Food is an essential thing for sustaining life. But what we constantly miss out from logic is, our whole body is built from the food we take. Every time a cell recycles into a new one, it takes the essential raw materials from the food we eat. You cannot construct a skyscraper without a solid foundation. Similarly, without a good nutritious healthy diet u cannot build a strong body – doesn’t necessarily mean the muscles though. How do we keep ourselves strong?

We are what we eat!
  • Stop using processed food: Creator already created what we need.
  • Food is not about taste: It’s about sustainability and creation ( you can only make good cells with good food).
  • Stop eating packed food: Though the packing looks healthy, food inside is processed and packed in the unhealthiest way.
  • Stop eating at fixed times: Your body has something called hunger, listen to it, which most forget due to abundance of food. It will tell you when it needs food.
  • There is nothing called healthy fast food. That’s just crap put in your mind by MNC food chains.
  • As the old saying goes, “always eat less than what u can”. It helps in good digestion and avoids many common problems like GERD, sleep issues etc.
  • Eating more food doesn’t keep you healthy. It will only make u obese.
  • Food affects your ‘mOOd’ and thought processes more than drugs. Choose wisely.
  • And remember: ‘Mitham Amritham Amitham Visham’

    Many, NO, almost all of us at some point believed that we get the best protein from eating meat and veg protein is a weak and poor form of protein intake. As I started exploring and understanding diet, in a more holistic way, I’ve realized it’s not so. Here are some points which changed my thinking:

  • Most Animals eating green are the ones that are usually used as meat by humans. If veg protein is actually weak, how is it that they are giving best protein
  • Lab methods to determine the protein quantity and quality are in vitro methods i.e., tested in laboratories. Human body is so complex we don’t know how it influences our body and mind. We don’t have in vivo methods to assess.
  • Almost all the MNCs have brainwashed us. Fat is bad and blocks the vessels. Now the Scientists have gone back on their words. Everything in nature has a purpose. We just need to discover!! Same goes with carbs.
  • How is that packed protein and dietary supplements healthier than naturally available food? If they are made from veg or animal source we can as well eat from the source. If not, are they feeding us a chemically prepared diet?
  • We all understand food is best when it is fresh. That’s why all packed food has expiry dates!!! Do you know, only animal source foods start rotting the moment it is killed. There is nothing like fresh meat. Just some rotten meat at different levels of rotting. Digestive process takes 24-72hrs depending on the food we take. Meat is the least digested one. Imagine what is happening to it inside us. We all know what happens outside right.
  • To conclude, don’t go by TV commercials. It is just a diet and it is healthy as long as you understand what, how and when to eat.

To conclude, don’t go by TV commercials. It is just a diet and it is healthy as long as you understand what, how and when to eat.